What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!
(written by) Rokk-I La' VON "Your Relationship Engineer" MUST HAVE/MUST READ!

Monday, August 13, 2012

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WHAT IS A 4P's MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

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    Now, I shall tackle the second part of that two part question. "And Do Women REALLY Want One!" Hum? That's an interesting question, Do Women REALLY Want A "4P's MAN?" The logical answer would be, "YES"! Some women might even scream it to the top of their lungs, "YES!!!" but, while hosting my relationship talk show, The APHRODISIAC Show and when we had this topic of discussion, I came to find out that "ALL" women don't want or need a "4P's MAN" and I was shocked! I couldn't believe that there was a grown woman, living and breathing that REALLY didn't care for a man to be all of that. And for those ladies, it simply came down to this crazy word, that will always keep women single and searching for a real relationship. That word was....... "INDEPENDENT"!
-written by: Rokk-I La' VON  "Your Relationship Engineer"-

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