What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!
(written by) Rokk-I La' VON "Your Relationship Engineer" MUST HAVE/MUST READ!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

That AZZ Is PHAT (Music Video) by: Rokk-I La' VON

That AZZ Is PHAT (by: Rokk-I La' VON)

Monday, August 13, 2012

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WHAT IS A 4P's MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

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    Now, I shall tackle the second part of that two part question. "And Do Women REALLY Want One!" Hum? That's an interesting question, Do Women REALLY Want A "4P's MAN?" The logical answer would be, "YES"! Some women might even scream it to the top of their lungs, "YES!!!" but, while hosting my relationship talk show, The APHRODISIAC Show and when we had this topic of discussion, I came to find out that "ALL" women don't want or need a "4P's MAN" and I was shocked! I couldn't believe that there was a grown woman, living and breathing that REALLY didn't care for a man to be all of that. And for those ladies, it simply came down to this crazy word, that will always keep women single and searching for a real relationship. That word was....... "INDEPENDENT"!
-written by: Rokk-I La' VON  "Your Relationship Engineer"-

Saturday, August 11, 2012

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  WHAT IS A 4P's MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

    The ultimate question is... What Is A 4P's MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One! Actually, that's 2 questions wrapped into one. Well, I guess I should start with the first part of that two part question. What Is A 4P's MAN? In my NEW book, I'll be educating you on the four strongest qualities of a "Good Man" when he's in a relationship. Remember, I said a "Good Man"! And I also stated; "when he's in a relationship"! I don't want there to be any confusion about what you think a "4P's MAN" is and what I'm going to define for you the true definition of a REAL "4P's MAN".
    So, what exactly is a "4P's MAN?" Well, a "4P's MAN" is a: PROTECTOR (to his woman), PROVIDER (to his lady), PLEASURER (to his girl) and PIPE LAYER (to his lover). This is what a REAL "4P's MAN" is. Now that you have some sort of an idea of what a "4P's MAN" is, my mission in this book is to go in depth and describe and detail how a "4P's MAN" can be a benefit and an asset to the lady in his life. As this book is the first book in my Relationship Beautification relationship series. My mission/goal is to bring awareness to the "Good Men" out there and make sure that women know, that they still do exist!

                    What is the definition of a "4P's MAN"?

PROTECTOR: A MAN; that will protect you at all costs! No exceptions! You will always feel safe and secure in his arms! This man has your back!

PROVIDER: A MAN; that will always make sure you will always have everything that you need financially and physically! You're his woman and that means, your problems are now his problems and he will make "Damn" sure they are fixed!

PLEASURER: A MAN; that will PLEASE you in ALL the ways that you want and need! A MAN; that is also very PLEASING to your Soul, Mind, Body and Spirit. He'll talk to you, he will support you. This MAN is your better half!

PIPE LAYER: A MAN; that can and will bring the Thunder in the bedroom! A MAN; that will focus on making sure that you CLIMAXXX and have multiple orgasms! Basically, A MAN; that will Make Love to you, but will also, "FUCK The Shit Out of You" on a nightly basis!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm The MAN For U (poem)

I'm The MAN For U  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

"Girl! I see you lookin' but you're not sayin' anything. So let me tell you what I'm thinking. Just Listen!"

*I wanna hypnotise your soul, and bring you closer to me
*I'm gonna put your heart in a trance, and give you Supreme Ecstasy
*Just tell me your desires, and I'll fullfill them truthfully
*If I'm not the ONE then "PLEASE" tell me; but if I am, will you show me
*I believe I'm the ONE, to give you UNLIMITED ROMANCE
*My arms are open for you, girl..... So give me a chance
*These feelings that we share, No longer can we hide
*I'm layin' my cards on the table, will you let True Love pass you by?
*Lady..... It's time that you come and be apart of me!
*Baby..... It's time that we share, will you Come To Me?
*Your ClimaXXX I will own cause your body is due
*And "I Will" take my time, cause it's All About You!
*I have something Very Special for you.....Girl!
*I'm gonna love you the Whole night thru, as I Cum ALL in your World
*Your Soul is what I want "Don't Hesitate!"
*Baby Girl; Let Go and Just Relax; For you I'll wait!
*I'm layin' it out for you, so do what'cha gotta do
*Open up your heart, because "I'm The MAN For U!"

"Baby, I'm what you're looking for, I'm what you need! Your soul is cryin' out for me!"

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                     (12/27/10)

Saturday, May 5, 2012


LOSE CONTROL  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*I know you are Lovely
*I know you are Sexxxy
*I can feel you are Sinful
*But you are So BEAUTIFUL
*Just touch me; Don't tease me; Lay with me; I need to feel you by my side
*I'm in the mood to be with you; you know these feelings, I can't hide
*You hypnotized my mind & body from the inner beauty of your soul
*I promise I will NEVER let you down, because It's you I desire to hold
*Our bodies are combustible as our Love Makin' is at a Fever Pitch
*We only have 1 night for complete Ecstasy, for your thirst I will quench
*Just let me feel you, PLEASE Cum To Me, You know I need your body tonight
*Let's LOSE CONTROL in Ecstasy and we'll Make Love All Through the Night

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                         (8/1/11)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


APHRODISIAC  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*Oh SHIT! You are such a glorious vision to see
*I think about you, I dream about you, I feel you in my soul constantly
*Your fragrance from your inner being has me Mesmerized, caught up and in a state of Bewilderment
*Every breath I take, Every move I make, Every decision that I make is all because of you; for some reason I'm captured in your web of Enchantment
*I can still taste you two or three days after we have Made LOVE
*Even when I'm at work; I have momentary apparitions from when you were sitting on my face with your ass covering my nose and your pussy was catching my tongue as if it were a baseball glove
*I'm instantly turned on just by looking in your eyes
*Sometimes I try to avoid you by not answering my phone; sometimes I try to be angry and make you think you've done something wrong; sometimes I try to coax myself into being mad, but it doesn't work cause it's all a disguise
*You are My True APHRODITE; the GODDESS of Love and Beauty
*Your body is like an Apocalyptic Discovery; and every time I'm near you it's like I'm reliving my Fantasy
*You allow me to FUCK you in every way that I possibly can
*It's ingrained in your soul, it's imbedded in your spirit to permit yourself, so I can Please your body at will and be submissive to me while we make love over and over again
*I must make you Cum! I must make you ClimaXXX! I must make you shed a Tear!
*Or this will be the last time we Make LOVE cause I Couldn't and Didn't deliver on the promises that I made to my dear
*My head is spinning; My heart is beating an ill regular beat
*Cause I haven't seen you in 20 minutes..... What the Fuck have you done to me?
*I'm a Man of Steel! I'm a Man of Strength! I make power moves and "I" call the DAMN shots!
*But when I'm around this lady; with her sweet and tender voice, her skin is as soft as whip cream on a pie and with the softest & tastiest pussy GOD has ever created; I just get all confused and disoriented and Never without the "ForGetMeNots!"
*Just a simple touch will usually drive me crazy
*But holding you in my arms at night and making sure that you're safe is more soothing to me than any Aroma Therapy
*This yearning that I have for you is Real! Genuine! Physically and Emotionally True
*And the reason why I feel it's so strong, it's because you don't camouflage your feelings and you're CRAZY about Me too!
*When we're together we can make the EARTH stop in a Station of Pause; cause when I'm Deep inside my baby she will not hold back
*I'm not hypnotized or mind fucked; my vision is clear and my mind is free; because in my heart, body & soul I know that you're my APHRODISIAC.......

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                       (5/21/10)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TONIGHT (poem)

TONIGHT  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*I'm planning something very special for you, Because TONIGHT is your night
*I'm going to allow you to do any and Everything to me and I will not put up a fight
*How do you Like Your Loved Served? That's the ONLY question that I have for you
*But PLEASE take your time and enjoy all of me, and I won't stop you until you're through
*I'm going to give you give "You" the RED LIGHT SPECIAL cause you deserve a treat
*it's time that You and I have our private 1 on 1, After Dark Intimate meet
*My head is clear and there's nothing that's going to take my focus off of you
*We are both "GROWN & SEXY" and Tonight.......I'm bringing my "A" Game for you, boo!
*I will not stop and I'm DAMN sure! Don't want you to stop until our CLIMAXXX, that we both will reach
*I'm bringing out ALL of my tricks, cause your body is due; If there's something you want me to show.......PLEASE ask, because for you, I will teach
*TONIGHT! There is NO special occasion, It's just me doing something PLEASING for you
*Cause TONIGHT I'm coming out of my shell for my lady; my other side you've been longing to see; Hurry up and cum home girl, cause Tonight's The Debut!

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                       (5/21/11)

Monday, April 30, 2012


SO BEAUTIFUL  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*Temptation and Desire is what I felt when I first saw you
*But was it your Inner Beauty or your outer beauty that gravitated me to you
*We caught eyes at our first glance; I said "Hello" and you smiled
*But for that instant I felt your aura and now it's driving me wild
*You have EVERYTHING I like in a woman; Long Hair, Beautiful Skin, Large Breasts, A Gorgeous Smile, Big Pretty Legs as well as a PHAT ASS
*But your euphoria is sexxxy and that's what I noticed in that 1 pass
*I've been kickin' myself cause I didn't have the courage to stop you and ask your name
*I'm a really confident guy but I guess I kept walking cause I knew you couldn't be tamed
*I thought about you that whole day; It's rare when you have Elegance, Sexiness and Fire all in one place
*In a deck of cards, you are an "ACE"!
*My heart is beating like a Bass Drum and I can barely sleep
*But the pounding from my inner soul is because I'm hoping for yet another chance meet
*But now, all I can do is lay here in my bed and wishing that your body was next to me
*And whisper in your ear "Let Me Show You The 7 Stages of Ecstasy!"
*I was hoping the next day that you didn't cross my mind and your image would just.....fade away
*But that's hard to do when every other woman I see is Built Like You, Thick Like You and Walk Like You; but they're not you, upclose or far away
*DAMN! I wish my mind could be emancipated from the vision of one euphoric sight
*But it's hard to embrace something or someone; that you have never seen before or only saw once; My Desires, Thoughts and Passions are caught up in a Mythical Fight
*While enjoying a night out with the fellows, a fortuitous meet "I DO" see you again; You were Droppin' It, Poppin' It, Makin' It Wiggle, Sliddin' Down from that pole and looking so HOT and SINFUL
*At that moment; I don't know why; you had My Mind and My Heart; Cause you were Just SO BEAUTIFUL!

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                       (6/27/10)

My EVERY Holiday Gift (poem)

My EVERY Holiday Gift  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*When I look into your eyez, it's the most Glorious vision to see
*When I gaze upon your body, one look is Orgasnic to me
*The "Pure Perfection" of your Heart, Mind, Soul and Body gravitates my loins to thee; as your tasty Love Ocean brings me to my knees
*Just the simple thought; the Essence of a hint, is all that fuels me; to Impress you! To be an Asset to you! So my Gorgeous Goddess will allow me to enjoy her edible delicacy
*You are breath taken; an absolute dream; A joy to have; A Beauty to behold and a Revelation to see
*Lady! Your body is the stimulant that cause ALL of my wet dreams but it's your inner being, is what I call Authentic Divinity
*Any Man would LOVE to have you! Any Man would LOVE to cherish you! All MEN fantasize about makin' love to you
*But EVERY MAN just can't seem to find you! You're a needle in a haystack, something so rare and obscure; The type of woman that will always have her man's back when he down! Baby Girl.....I give it up to you!
*You're not looking for a handout, you're not looking for a Free Ride
*In your heart you know this MAN has "Potential" and you just want to be by his side
*You're a supporter, an encourager, a woman that will speak "Highly" of her man, EVEN if he comes up a little short
*Your number 1 plus (even though your BirthDay Suit is Heaven Sent) is that your mother taught you how to be a LADY and making and keeping your MAN happy is a mission you didn't abort
*You are the type of Woman a MAN will spend his last dime on; he knows the sex is unbelievable but he also knows that you have his best interest at Heart
*He can Trust You! He can Respect You! Because he knows you will help him be a "Great Man"! You're his better half and form "YOU" he will never want to part
*EVERY Holiday, Birthday and Anniversary is something he will always remeber; You will be wined, dined, Sexed and put on a pedestal! Because it was "YOU" that gave his spirit and uplift
*And when these days on the calendar come around, you better believe that I "Did Not" forget, because these days are ALL about you! And all that I need, is to have you..... cause you're "My EVERY Holiday Gift!"

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                       (2/13/11)



*Your Beauty, Your Intellect, Your Style and Your Grace
*Your Legs, Your Shape, Your Mannerisms and Your Taste
*These are just some of the things that describe the Essence of A Woman
*I am glad to know that GOD chose to form you from the rib of a MAN
*Being true to who you are is something that should hold so true
*You can wear whatever you want, while inside you are still a lady thru and through
*Your hair may be short or long and pretty enough to blow elegantly in the wind
*Your breasts may only be a handful or big and voluptuous with nipples always wanting to be kissed; now in the eyes on a Real Man, you are a "10"
*You walk, You sashay with elegance of an ANGEL
*Your charisma is infectious as people gravitate to someone So Beautiful!
*Illustrating the most perfect manifestation of a quality so tender and pure
*Your Strength and Courage is a testament on a frame unlike a man; It's amazing what you can endure
*YES! You can be SEXXXUAL and love it when your man spanks your juicy ass
*But you are a Go Geta! Plan Oriented and "High" goal setter and will not let a dollar pass
*Measurements can't describe a woman because all women are a gift to someone
*But the greatest woman in the world is business like, professional, kinky and loves to have fun!
*The QUINTESSENCE of a woman is embedded in her soul and truely not accidental
*But the best characteristic is your HUMBLENESS! With the understanding that "Everybody" wants you and you Do Not take advantage of them! That is the true embodiment of QUINTESSENTIAL!

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                         (4/2/09)

BirthDay Suit (poem)

BirthDay Suit  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*Immaculate! That's the only word I can say; I get tongue tied and twisted up when I'm searching for the right words to put into this phrase
*Purely Amazing! Flawless beyond belief; my eyes are not playing tricks on me; just looking at you has put me in a daze
*Your curves are phenomenal, you are a glamorous sight
*The more I look and feel your body, the more I want to take a bite
*You were made from sugar, spice and everything nice; you were Perfectly Constructed from your head to your toes
*If I take my time to MARVEL at your beauty; plan out my course of action and strategically lick you up and down, in and out, front and back, all of your highs and I "will not" forget your lows!
*You are definitely a gift from GOD! The woman's body will always be his greatest creation
*Nothing in the world can compare or even simulate the joy I feel when I look at your body; one glance is instant satisfaction
*I want to Enjoy you, I want to Please you, I want to make you "Scream" my name
*As a man I might want to see my woman in a thong or some heels or maybe even some sexxxy and reveling lingerie; but nothing is more sexxxier, than your NAKED FRAME
*Your Beautiful Hair, Your Gorgeous Eyez, That Lovely Smile, Your Sexy Breasts, Your Tasty Stomach, That Attractive Waist, Those Juicy Lips, That Delicious Tongue, The Back of your Neck, That Wonderful Ass, Your Sexy Legs, Those Baby Makin' Hips & Thighs
*Up under all of them clothes I know you are the Object of Perfection and to have you close, is what I fantasize
*You were born into this world naked and pure
*But when my woman walks through my door; un cage that body, undress your soul, strip away those chains and allow me the opportunity to ease your mind, body and soul cause I guarantee.....I have the cure
*You're just plain perfect! Simple as that! The body of a "Woman" has NO imperfections
*It's the only thing on this planet that is Crystal Clear; what you see is what you get; and I defy "Any Man" to tell me that a naked woman; Can Not, Will Not and Is Not a distraction
*CUM here.....let me give your body a well needed and deserving treat
*Let me lick you from your head to your waist and all the way down, to your feet
*My Baby; My Lady; My Dream Girl Tonight! Let Me IMMERSE myself into your body cause, it's Fine! It's sooooo Sexy! It's Beautiful! It's Hella Cute!
*But PLEASE read the sign on my door before you enter your PLEASURE ZONE! It says...... "No Clothes Required!" Just bring your BIRTHDAY SUIT!

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                         2/21/10

ANGELIC (poem)

ANGELIC (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*My Baby, My Lady, My Sweat Heart, My Darling Delight; in my arms and in my bed is where you need to be
*My Angelic Goddess; with skin so soft, with lips so juicy; I can't help but admire your piquant beauty
*You are the innocent side of romance; that also brings out a DEVILISH quality in you; but being a little BAD is always good!
*Your sassy and saucy attitude is attractive as HELL! And any man that wants to have you knows that is understood
*My job is to ameliorate our love making! Your job is to be exciting and risque
*In order to keep my lady at a FEVER PITCH; I must embrace her, romance her, be gentle to her while providing a little spice and saute
*Our love making is paramount; with desire, lust and unbelievable passion
*The things you do to me with your mouth; to the outside world my seem a little indecent, but to me they are sensual and sincere and without discretion
*You are my Angelic Goddess; with the pure gorgeousness of GODIVA riding naked on a white horse
*With a smile so radiant; with breasts so perky and tender; with an ASS so voluptuous; you are always my main course
*You impress me with your genuine SEXXXUAL appetite; your appeasement is sincere as you allow me to love you all night
*Your vivacious spirit drives me to leave a long, lasting impression on you; so I must stand up and do my duty and strongly love all of you.....till the morning light
*My Angelic Goddess is stimulating, a tad bit racy but full of fire and heat
*I'm omniscient to your wishes and pleasing you constantly is an achievable feat
*My addiction to you; your craving for me is a combination of good, bad and boarder line psychopathic
*And to understand my lady is to know that; EVIL can be good! SEX is good! And to have so EVIL SEX with you can be OH! Soooooo DAMN, ANGELIC!

TO BE CONTINUED.......                                                4/14/09