What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!
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Monday, April 30, 2012

BirthDay Suit (poem)

BirthDay Suit  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*Immaculate! That's the only word I can say; I get tongue tied and twisted up when I'm searching for the right words to put into this phrase
*Purely Amazing! Flawless beyond belief; my eyes are not playing tricks on me; just looking at you has put me in a daze
*Your curves are phenomenal, you are a glamorous sight
*The more I look and feel your body, the more I want to take a bite
*You were made from sugar, spice and everything nice; you were Perfectly Constructed from your head to your toes
*If I take my time to MARVEL at your beauty; plan out my course of action and strategically lick you up and down, in and out, front and back, all of your highs and I "will not" forget your lows!
*You are definitely a gift from GOD! The woman's body will always be his greatest creation
*Nothing in the world can compare or even simulate the joy I feel when I look at your body; one glance is instant satisfaction
*I want to Enjoy you, I want to Please you, I want to make you "Scream" my name
*As a man I might want to see my woman in a thong or some heels or maybe even some sexxxy and reveling lingerie; but nothing is more sexxxier, than your NAKED FRAME
*Your Beautiful Hair, Your Gorgeous Eyez, That Lovely Smile, Your Sexy Breasts, Your Tasty Stomach, That Attractive Waist, Those Juicy Lips, That Delicious Tongue, The Back of your Neck, That Wonderful Ass, Your Sexy Legs, Those Baby Makin' Hips & Thighs
*Up under all of them clothes I know you are the Object of Perfection and to have you close, is what I fantasize
*You were born into this world naked and pure
*But when my woman walks through my door; un cage that body, undress your soul, strip away those chains and allow me the opportunity to ease your mind, body and soul cause I guarantee.....I have the cure
*You're just plain perfect! Simple as that! The body of a "Woman" has NO imperfections
*It's the only thing on this planet that is Crystal Clear; what you see is what you get; and I defy "Any Man" to tell me that a naked woman; Can Not, Will Not and Is Not a distraction
*CUM here.....let me give your body a well needed and deserving treat
*Let me lick you from your head to your waist and all the way down, to your feet
*My Baby; My Lady; My Dream Girl Tonight! Let Me IMMERSE myself into your body cause, it's Fine! It's sooooo Sexy! It's Beautiful! It's Hella Cute!
*But PLEASE read the sign on my door before you enter your PLEASURE ZONE! It says...... "No Clothes Required!" Just bring your BIRTHDAY SUIT!

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                         2/21/10

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