What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!
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Monday, April 30, 2012

ANGELIC (poem)

ANGELIC (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*My Baby, My Lady, My Sweat Heart, My Darling Delight; in my arms and in my bed is where you need to be
*My Angelic Goddess; with skin so soft, with lips so juicy; I can't help but admire your piquant beauty
*You are the innocent side of romance; that also brings out a DEVILISH quality in you; but being a little BAD is always good!
*Your sassy and saucy attitude is attractive as HELL! And any man that wants to have you knows that is understood
*My job is to ameliorate our love making! Your job is to be exciting and risque
*In order to keep my lady at a FEVER PITCH; I must embrace her, romance her, be gentle to her while providing a little spice and saute
*Our love making is paramount; with desire, lust and unbelievable passion
*The things you do to me with your mouth; to the outside world my seem a little indecent, but to me they are sensual and sincere and without discretion
*You are my Angelic Goddess; with the pure gorgeousness of GODIVA riding naked on a white horse
*With a smile so radiant; with breasts so perky and tender; with an ASS so voluptuous; you are always my main course
*You impress me with your genuine SEXXXUAL appetite; your appeasement is sincere as you allow me to love you all night
*Your vivacious spirit drives me to leave a long, lasting impression on you; so I must stand up and do my duty and strongly love all of you.....till the morning light
*My Angelic Goddess is stimulating, a tad bit racy but full of fire and heat
*I'm omniscient to your wishes and pleasing you constantly is an achievable feat
*My addiction to you; your craving for me is a combination of good, bad and boarder line psychopathic
*And to understand my lady is to know that; EVIL can be good! SEX is good! And to have so EVIL SEX with you can be OH! Soooooo DAMN, ANGELIC!

TO BE CONTINUED.......                                                4/14/09

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