What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!
(written by) Rokk-I La' VON "Your Relationship Engineer" MUST HAVE/MUST READ!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


APHRODISIAC  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*Oh SHIT! You are such a glorious vision to see
*I think about you, I dream about you, I feel you in my soul constantly
*Your fragrance from your inner being has me Mesmerized, caught up and in a state of Bewilderment
*Every breath I take, Every move I make, Every decision that I make is all because of you; for some reason I'm captured in your web of Enchantment
*I can still taste you two or three days after we have Made LOVE
*Even when I'm at work; I have momentary apparitions from when you were sitting on my face with your ass covering my nose and your pussy was catching my tongue as if it were a baseball glove
*I'm instantly turned on just by looking in your eyes
*Sometimes I try to avoid you by not answering my phone; sometimes I try to be angry and make you think you've done something wrong; sometimes I try to coax myself into being mad, but it doesn't work cause it's all a disguise
*You are My True APHRODITE; the GODDESS of Love and Beauty
*Your body is like an Apocalyptic Discovery; and every time I'm near you it's like I'm reliving my Fantasy
*You allow me to FUCK you in every way that I possibly can
*It's ingrained in your soul, it's imbedded in your spirit to permit yourself, so I can Please your body at will and be submissive to me while we make love over and over again
*I must make you Cum! I must make you ClimaXXX! I must make you shed a Tear!
*Or this will be the last time we Make LOVE cause I Couldn't and Didn't deliver on the promises that I made to my dear
*My head is spinning; My heart is beating an ill regular beat
*Cause I haven't seen you in 20 minutes..... What the Fuck have you done to me?
*I'm a Man of Steel! I'm a Man of Strength! I make power moves and "I" call the DAMN shots!
*But when I'm around this lady; with her sweet and tender voice, her skin is as soft as whip cream on a pie and with the softest & tastiest pussy GOD has ever created; I just get all confused and disoriented and Never without the "ForGetMeNots!"
*Just a simple touch will usually drive me crazy
*But holding you in my arms at night and making sure that you're safe is more soothing to me than any Aroma Therapy
*This yearning that I have for you is Real! Genuine! Physically and Emotionally True
*And the reason why I feel it's so strong, it's because you don't camouflage your feelings and you're CRAZY about Me too!
*When we're together we can make the EARTH stop in a Station of Pause; cause when I'm Deep inside my baby she will not hold back
*I'm not hypnotized or mind fucked; my vision is clear and my mind is free; because in my heart, body & soul I know that you're my APHRODISIAC.......

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                       (5/21/10)

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