What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!

What Is A MAN? And Do Women REALLY Want One!
(written by) Rokk-I La' VON "Your Relationship Engineer" MUST HAVE/MUST READ!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


LOSE CONTROL  (by: Mr. Rokk-I La' VON)

*I know you are Lovely
*I know you are Sexxxy
*I can feel you are Sinful
*But you are So BEAUTIFUL
*Just touch me; Don't tease me; Lay with me; I need to feel you by my side
*I'm in the mood to be with you; you know these feelings, I can't hide
*You hypnotized my mind & body from the inner beauty of your soul
*I promise I will NEVER let you down, because It's you I desire to hold
*Our bodies are combustible as our Love Makin' is at a Fever Pitch
*We only have 1 night for complete Ecstasy, for your thirst I will quench
*Just let me feel you, PLEASE Cum To Me, You know I need your body tonight
*Let's LOSE CONTROL in Ecstasy and we'll Make Love All Through the Night

WORDZ of ECSTASY                                                         (8/1/11)

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